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What our Users have to say about CloudSync

Extremely Grateful to the Cloudely Team. 

I had a pretty unique and complex use case involving a lot data from a third party app – which had Master Detail Relationships, Junction Objects and several other child objects (Including User). I needed a way to get all of this data into a Sandbox so I could test any unexpected behaviors when moving some of that data to other objects. Long story short – I almost gave up until I found CloudSync.

Bailey Rudd, Sales Operations Administrator, Quick Mount VP

Works well, great support!

It takes some set up, which the team at Cloudely graciously provided wonderful support on. So far it works great! Should save me a ton of time migrating APTTUS configurations.

CLM Program Administrator, Levi Strauss & Co

Easy to migrate data from one Org to another Org.

I used this app to migrate data from full copy sandbox to dev sandbox and it was quite easy. It saves a lot of your time. I would recommend to use this app if someone wants to migrate data from one Org to another Org.

Dinesh Talreja, Senior Salesforce Developer , LinkedIn

Pretty good app.

This application is very useful and helpful considering you can only refresh the full sandbox once a month. We were able to move all of our important data over to a sandbox without having to wait for a refresh. The only downside is that the process of moving over the data is a bit lengthy. You need to create different fields and make sure to map out the objects between your source point and destination point. However, once you get through all the preliminaries, it becomes easy to move data between sources and destinations.

Sahil Arora, Associate Sales Operations, Billtrust

Perfect Solution for Transferring Between Sandboxes.

Was able to save a ton of time transferring test data between Sandboxes. Glad I was able to find the app.

Gary Moore