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Key Definitions

For Connection Setup go to CloudSync Admin App

  1. DEST-ORG Connection – Connection between the Source & Destination
    1. Able to create multiple DEST-ORG Connections.

For Data Migration Go to CloudSync-M App

  1. Click on Data Migration Workbench
  2. Select Category – Select the application category/template folder
  3. Select Template – Data migration configuration information.
    1. Include Query Configuration (One Parent Object & Multiple Child Object)
    2. Select Migration Type
      1. Insert – Is recommended for the first time Insert
        • Parent – Childs data migration (Ex: Accounts with multiple Contacts & Opportunities)
        • Include record’s Lookup data.
      2. Upsert – Is recommended for Upsert operation (Updates existing records in destination)
    3. Select Destination – Select the destination type.
    4. Batch Size – default size is 10 which is editable.
    5. SOQL – Actual Queries to migrate the records.
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